AMULET OF LUCK fragrance oil

Luck Amulet is an oil of strong, specific smell. This oil composition includes the scent of cedar, musk and aromatic resins. The scent is classic and oriental. It will be loved by the fan of the East of sophisticated taste.

The bottle contains 7 ml of oil.
olejek, pachnący kram, pachący kram olejek, olejek amulet szczęścia, piżmoOlejek zapachowy Amulet szczęścia
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Fragrance oils from exotic lines, are the extension and enrichment of Oriental lines. Their names, somewhat mysterious and difficult to decipher, have been borrowed from Eastern cultures: a place, person, or idea. All of them have hidden symbolic significance and provide a link to their eastern origin.


Usage: Dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and put the mixture in the ceramic oil burner, then light a candle. The oil can also be used for soaking the dried flower (potpourri). All the necessary accessories, you will find the Pachnacy Kram!


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