HYACINTH fragrance oil

The smell of hyacinth oil is subtle, very floral, feminine and even hypnotically deep. In an apartment, it provides the aura of delicate sweetness and atmosphere of relaxing floral garden. This scent is perfect for the ladies who love to dazzle your hidden sensuality and who seduce by the fragrance. Let your house smells like you!

The bottle contains 7 ml of oil.
olejek, olejek hiacynt, olejek pachnący kram, hiacyntOlejek zapachowy Hiacynt
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5,39 zł

The name of these beautiful, magnificent flowers, stems from ancient Greece, after the son of the king of Sparta, whose physical beauty and charm had no equal. They are characterized by lush, numerous flowers arranged tightly around the stem, so that already a single flower looks like bouquet!


Usage: Dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and put the mixture in the ceramic oil burner, then light a candle. The oil can also be used for soaking the dried flower (potpourri). All the necessary accessories, you will find the Pachnacy Kram!


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