YLANG YLANG fragrance oil

The fragrance oil of Ylang-Ylang scent has a warm, floral notes with a clearly oriental origin. The aroma of this oil will associate you with perfume, because due to the distinctive, deep and intense aroma, it is one of the most commonly used oil in the perfume industry. The Ylang-Ylang aroma is suitable for daring, sensual and strong, aware of own strengths women.

The bottle contains 7 ml of oil.
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The oil obtained from the flowers of ylang-ylang, is now one of the most important raw materials in the perfume industry. Ylang-Ylang oil is one of the most important ingredient of oriental note perfume. Its scent has a soothing effect in the states of depression; moreover, it is considered as aphrodisiac that stimulates sensuality, and introduces to a state of euphoria. The aroma is deep floral and resinous.


Usage: Dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and put the mixture in the ceramic oil burner, then light a candle. The oil can also be used for soaking the dried flower (potpourri). All the necessary accessories, you will find the Pachnacy Kram!


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