OPIUM fragrance oil

The smell of Opium is beloved by women all over the world. It is unique, pretty heavy, but extremely sensual. It surrounds the woman with smelling aura of mystery and elusive charm that is hard to resist. The Opium aroma is associated with glamour, luxury, beauty. This makes the room filled with the smell of opium gets warm, intimate atmosphere, and therefore is well suited for romantic evenings by twos.

The bottle contains 7 ml of oil.
opium, olejek, olejek zapachowy, olejek opiumOlejek zapachowy Opium
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Opium fragrance oil is an oriental bouquet derived from the well-chosen ingredients. The leading scent is a tree benzoic extract, growing only in the Far East. The resin of that tree has a uniquely mild and balmy aroma. The opium oil, in conjunction with the expressive, floral scent of ylang-ylang, creates an unparalleled exotic aroma bouquet. It is a very feminine aroma with a subtle, sensual nature. It is an important component of cult cosmetics appreciated by women.


Usage: Dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and put the mixture in the ceramic oil burner, then light a candle. The oil can also be used for soaking the dried flower (potpourri). All the necessary accessories, you will find the Pachnacy Kram!


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