CAPPUCINO fragrance oil

Aroma of Cappuccino fragrance oil combines all the most beautiful culinary aromas: coffee, vanilla, chocolate and a little smell of milk. As a whole, it is a perfect reflection of the aroma that comes out of the steaming cups of cafe. It puts to feet, enlivens and inspires. It may be applied in both home, and places where the fatigue can reach us i.e. at work or waiting room.

The bottle contains 7 ml of oil.

Opakowanie zawiera 7ml olejku
olejek, olejek kawa, olejek cappucino, olejek pachnący kram, pachnący kramOlejek zapachowy Cappucino
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5,39 zł

Aromatic-culinary line of fragrance oils has been created for those of you who cannot imagine more beautiful smell than this coming from the kitchen. It is well known that odors in a surprising way evoke memories associated with specific situations, people or emotions.


Usage: Dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and put the mixture in the ceramic oil burner, then light a candle. The oil can also be used for soaking the dried flower (potpourri). All the necessary accessories, you will find the Pachnacy Kram!


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