Pachnacy Kram is a company with long tradition. Our company is on the market for over 10 years. In that time, we have gathered both huge knowledge and experience. We are characterized by passion for creating as well as by huge creativity. Many our fragrance compounds, available in oil offer, are our own ideas. We love to surprise our customers, that is why from time to time we’re introducing some new products on the market.

We are both importer and manufacturer of fragrant accessories. We cooperate with the best incense sticks manufacturers in India. Our client can be sure that our products are of the highest quality. Our oils are concentrated essences of complex perfume bouquets. We do not tolerate such thing as half-measures or goods of second category.

In addition to quality, the biggest advantage of ours is a huge offer. We are in possess of over 100 different fragrance oils, wide choice of incense sticks, but also a range of products to home aromatization i.e. candles, sachets and dried flowers. In Pachnacy Kram, you may find also natural cosmetics such as body care products.

However, the best recommendation that we can be proud of is our customer’s trust. We are extremely happy that they chose us and return to us. Every day , we strive to make orders carried out quickly and accurately. We are open to dialogue and willing to give our customers advice and answer any questions.